About me

About Me – JD The DJ

People always ask me how I got started and why I am a DJ. Well, this is how it began….growing up as an only child my mother did not let me watch a lot of TV. My parents had a very large collection of Vinyl Records raging from Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, to Big Band & Swing, along with The Golden Oldies. I would sit and listen to the music and constantly re-alphabetize the records. I even remember not being able to sleep and listening to the radio (C89) under my bed.

Time went on, I had two best friends in Jr. High that we had a contest of who had the most tapes (Yes, I said tapes), but we had rules had to have at least 3 hits on the radio. When the DJ’s came to our school and didn’t know what to play, I offered to help. Next, they asked me to tag along to other dances and they would pay me $20 to bring my music etc. I was in heaven!

I through an amazing party, my 9th grade year, planned to the T. As my mom always threw amazing parties, I was just following in her footsteps. So many great memories from that party….enough said.

In high school, I started coming out of my shell – I was class president, ski club president, and setup all the P.A. gear for all the pep assemblies. I continued to work for the other DJ company learning tricks of the trade. I would drive to Seattle and volunteer at Nathan Hill High School, just to help out C89 the greatest dance station ever!

I went to WSU, majored in computer science and communications. Spent most of my time in the radio station of KUGR.